The first low carbon  

ship recycling company worldwide.  

Smart People and Smart Technology.
We've moved Ship Recycling into the 21st Century.

Our extreme pressure sand and water mixture, coupled with our automated robots, plus some inhouse secrets, 

delivers safe, clean, and renewable energy powered Ship Recycling in a controlled environment.

We stand for a safe as possible working environment for our people, and zero pollution of the coastal environment from ship recycling activities.

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Corporate Sustainability

Environmental and Social Impact

Near Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions

We use renewable energy instead of gas to cut.

Reduced Risk to Employees

Our robots face the risks, not our people.

No Environmental Impact

Closed system. We don't operate in an open, natural environment. We operate in a closed system. Nearly all our resources are fully recycled.

Low Scope 3 Emissions are real, not offset

Simple footprint evidence. It's actually low!

Safety Differently - not Paper Safe

Our overall approach to safety is non-traditional. That, combined with our automation technology lowers the REAL risk vs traditional Paper Safe risk.

Controlled Environment vs On Going Risk

Even the best managed operations make mistakes and have incidents. In a controlled environment contaminants are controlled, not on a foreshore.