Our Mission 

To rewrite the ship recycling playbook.  

To recycle ships safely and sustainably with the lowest CO2 footprint possible, based on technology and artificial intelligence. 

To create value for all stakeholders, while having a positive impact on people and the environment.  

This is our contribution to a truly circular economy. 

Our Aims

To build scalable, high tech, smart ship recycling facilities that can be deployed globally.

To develop high performance resilient teams who never stop searching for ways to improve, are empowered to make decisions and create the ability to fail safely.

Our Values  

Failing Safely 

Operations - minimise potential harm to our people, our equipment and our environment when things go wrong. 

Business decisions – we take risks. We take calculated risks, never jeopardising our business viability.  

Making mistakes – our people will feel safe to talk freely about what happened when we make mistakes without the fear of repercussions and blame. 


We do Safety Differently – you need to read our policy on this. 


Compliance with rules and ‘just being better’ than our competitors is not sufficient.


We understand our risks, take managed risks, and we learn from our mistakes. 

We share risk with our contractors and suppliers. 


We practice what's right, not just what's allowed. Our daily decisions must be consistent with ethical business practices and societal values. 

We're partners, not opponents; contracts don't dictate our relationships. We don’t try to ‘win’ with contract clauses. If we have to start resorting to relying on contract clauses, we need to review ourselves and our relationships. We're all about the long game. 

If we would be embarrassed explaining a business decision to our grandparents, our parents, our children or our regulators, it is the wrong decision. 

And Lastly

Make it (ridiculously) fun – yes stolen from Tesla for a very good reason, which you are welcome to discuss with us at any time.