EU Commission Cements an unlevel playing field in place

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Leviathan has submitted our views on the European list of ship recycling facilities (13th edition). In short we are very concerned that the EUCommission is further cementing in place an unlevel playing field for those #shiprecycling facilities in the #EU and those outside the #EU, by recommending to add yet more yards that would not be able to gain operational permits in the #EU.

We ask, if we all know it would be unacceptable to operate a site like this in the EU, why is it acceptable outside the #EU?

As a general statement, the commission's contracted auditors are only conducting a high level audit and not addressing the details that we are required to address in the hashtag#EU with regard to environmental standards.

There is simply nowhere near enough analysis of the adequacy of yards stormwater disposal systems. There is also complete avoidance of addressing the topic of the fate of antifoul paints scraped off the hull as it is dragged up gravel and concrete structures.

If someone was to want to carry out this activity in the EU, we would need to submit an EIA showing that the fate of the contaminant loadings and their effect on the environment along with other other local neighbouring contaminant loadings (cumulative effects). #whereisyourEIA?

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