First vessel arrives for green ship recycling in Kiel, Germany

Cuxhaven/Kiel, June 17th 2022 – Leviathan GmbH welcomes the first ship for green recycling

Leviathan GmbH welcomes the first vessel for sustainable ship recycling in Germany. The construction vessel HC HAGEMANN 1 arrived in Kiel on Tuesday the 14th June 2022 at the Kiel shipyard of GERMAN NAVAL YARDS, where Leviathan will cut the vessel with a cold cutting technology in the coming weeks. Today the vessel was lifted out of the water and placed on its decommissioning place for a safe and environmentally sound recycling onshore.

Leviathan can now recycle the first ship almost emissions free and with the friendly and valuable support of GERMAN NAVAL YARDS. This is an important milestone and now the performance of the ESG-compliant recycling process can be verified in the next weeks.

The process for green ship recycling developed by Leviathan satisfies the owner’s wish to be a pioneer in green ship recycling in Germany and that the ship will find its way as valuable resource in a circular economy.

About Leviathan GmbH:

Leviathan GmbH is the first ESG-compliant and almost emission free ship recycling company in Germany and Europe. The recycled ships are valuable resources for a circular economy with significant savings in CO2-emissions and an increased supply guarantee for the European economy. The founders have a long track record as surveyors in the maritime industry and are working more than ten years on sustainable recycling technologies for ships. The company has a broad network of supporters in politics and other companies, supporting the mission of Leviathan to apply innovative and modern technologies for green ship recycling in Europe.

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