We´re the first emissions-free

ship recycling company world-wide.*

*process related

We take ship recycling into the 21st century.

Leviathan offers industrialized, green ship recycling with water cutting tools. This is our contribution to solve the dark side of shipping. We stand for non-beaching recycling of ships!

Interested in sustainable recycling of your vessel?

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CSR Goals

Your advantages for your coperate social responsibility

No Carbone Dioxide Emissions

Emmissions free cutting and cleaning process.

No Harm to Employees

Mostly remote operated. No personnel on board the vessel.

No Environmental Impact

Closed system. Cutting water wil be separated and filtered. No dust emmissions.


Financial matters

Longer Charter

No lead time for preparation required.

No Cleaning & Preparation

Cleaning and Separation after cutting.

Ahead of Customer Requirements

More customers require green ship recycling methods, e. g. SRTI (Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative)