Preparation Process

Request for
Owner or Manager requests recycling

An order for recycling can be placed conveniently contacting us.

Schedule A Call

Contact Us

Contract for

Owner supports Leviathan with all relevant documents.

Ship Recycling Plan
Develop SRP

Leviathan creates Ship Recycling Plan

Approval of SRP

Flag State approves Ship Recycling Plan.

Ready for
Recycling Certificate
Final Survey

 Carried out by Flag State or Recognized Organisation.

After conclusion "Ready for Recycling Certificate" will be issued.

Recycling Process

Vessel arrives at
Recycling Facility

The vessel will be docked in a protected area (Dry Dock, Floating Dock or on Land). No oily residues will pollute the environment.

Block Cut
Block Cut

Vessel will cutted to big blocks. These blocks will be transfered to the separation area.

Section Cut
Cut into standardized pieces

Section´s will be dismantled and cut in smaller pieces on separation area.

Post processing of
Clean and Sort

All resources are sorted, cleaned and brought back into the economy. Waste substances that are mandatory to be disposed are taken care of respectively.