Ship Recycling – Solving the dark side of shipping

Leviathan Technologies GbR is now going full steam ahead with the development and first field trials for sustainable and clean recycling of ships. The company’s own trials on test objects show that clean cutting technology can reduce CO2 emissions in dismantling by a factor of 300 and that the work processes can also be optimised and mechanised in such a way that safe and economic recycling of ships on an industrial scale is possible.

As soon as the final location has been found, approval will be applied for in accordance with EU Regulation 1257. Constructive talks have already been held with the relevant authorities. The responsible authorities have also recognised that this area of the maritime economy has been underrepresented in Germany so far and that this state of affairs must be changed promptly.

Our mission is to address this issue with maximum transparency and publicity. Therefore, we will report regularly on our website ( about the development and implementation of the concept.

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We would like to express our gratitude to all supporters who have helped us with advice and contacts so far!

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