Green Ship Recycling: 1-4-9-Invest and Karlsson GmbH invest in Leviathan GmbH

Cuxhaven/Hamburg, June 16.06.2022 The concept of emission free and green ship recycling developed by Leviathan GmbH is convincing. Thus 1-4-9-Invest Fonds GmbH & Co. KG and Karlsson GmbH invest into the Cuxhaven based company.

Leviathan GmbH was able to win two strong partners with 1-4-9 Invest Group and Karlsson GmbH. Karsten Schumacher, Managing Director of Leviathan GmbH: “We are excited to offer Shipping companies and owners a sustainable and climate neutral possibility for ship recycling soon. We have quite some challenges and tasks ahead, and with our strong partners we can tackle them. Our goal is to bring ship recycling into the 21st century with an industrialized and sustainable process.”

Leviathan GmbH is working on an emission free and green recycling process for ships, enabling shipping companies and financial institutions a clean and responsible solution for a serious problem.
This process is highly automated, compliant with the highest environmental standards, and with a strong focus on minimized chances for harm to anyone. Leviathan GmbH developed a solution, that finally offers the data needed for a full life-cycle assessment of ships. This is more and more becoming a requirement for shipping companies, owners, and financing institutions.
Thus, the current gap for a holistic corporate social responsibility strategy can be closed.
Green Ship Recycling at the first planned facility in northern Germany offers owners in the European trades to longer benefit from the strong charter rates. Further facilities in Europe are planned.

This concept results in large quantities of highest quality steel scrap for a circular economy, sourced with highest environmental- and safety standards. The market has a high demand for such a premium resource.
With each tonne of steel produced with recycling steel, about 1.6 tonnes less CO2 is emitted, as compared to new steel. This way Leviathan GmbH can offer a significant contribution for Europe to reach the current climate goals.
The use of a cold cutting technology is a new benchmark for the industry and enables owners to skip the time consuming and expensive process of preparations for hot work. The ships can therefore be used longer in a profitable market, when recycled with Leviathan. Furthermore, this helps shipping companies, owners, and financing institutions to improve on their climate engagement goals.

Olaf Lüdemann (1-4-9 Invest Group):

Leviathan brings an ESG-compliant and innovative concept to market, and we are convinced, that this is an important piece in the puzzle for a true circular economy. The European Union can secure premium resources and safe significant in CO2-emissions. Our positive exchange with owners, banks and the steel industry within the last weeks has shown that the paradigm shift for sustainable ship recycling in Europe has started and will be accelerated with Leviathan. We support Leviathan in establishing a sustainable ship recycling industry in Europe.

Jochen Kaufholt (Karlsson GmbH):

Leviathan GmbH sets the new benchmark for the best technology in industrial ship recycling of the 21st century. I am convinced of the concept and the news of the past weeks show clearly, that it is time for Germany to offer our share to a well-engineered and commercially viable solution. It is quite obvious that the procedure developed by Leviathan offers further use cases in the maritime industry. One use case could be decommissioning of offshore structures.


About 1-4-9 Invest Group:

The 1-4-9 Invest Group ( was founded as Investment Boutique and Asset Manager for alternative Investments by experienced sectoral experts, investors, entrepreneurs, fund initiators and project finance specialists in Hamburg and is specialized on ESG-compliant equity investments. The group is focused on equities in cleantech-companies and projects or project developments (Solar energy, green hydrogen, water treatment etc.).


About Karlsson GmbH:

Karlsson GmbH is the private venture capital company of Jochen Kaufholt. It holds significant strategic and operative equities, e.g., in Entec Industrial Services GmbH & Co. KG, Cuxhaven (an intersectoral specialist for warehouse solutions, shipping and logistical services, environmental and maintenance services), as well as e.g., Turneo GmbH, Oldenburg (a joint venture of EWE Gasspeicher GmbH and Karlsson GmbH, with the goal to produce, refine and sell green hydrogen and synthetic fuels for sustainable maritime mobility).

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